Sweet Cherry Farm


Sweet Cherry Farm - Family farm with rich traditions in gardening!

Our passion for growing cherries has been passed down from generation to generation and we are proud to continue this noble tradition.

Our roots go back to when our ancestors began to create gardens, filling them with cherry trees. We have inherited this wealth of experience and knowledge about growing cherries, and over the years we have improved our skills.

Sweet Cherry Farm Environmental Sustainability

We adhere to the highest quality standards in all aspects of the cherry growing process. We care for the trees with love and attention, monitoring their health and providing optimal conditions for their growth and fruiting.

Our cherries are grown in an environmentally friendly environment, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We believe that naturalness is not only the key to quality, but also the key to the health of our customers.

Every season we look forward to the moment of harvest. During this period, our cherries ripen and acquire a unique taste and aroma. We take pride in providing our customers with the most juicy, sweet and flavorful cherries that bring joy and inspiration.

Our farm is not just a place to grow cherries, it is our heritage, our passion and our contribution to caring for high-quality and tasty products. We value long-term relationships with our customers and are proud to share the taste of our cherries with the world.


Environmental sustainability:

We use organic methods to grow cherries. This means avoiding chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which can negatively impact the environment. Instead, we prefer natural methods of caring for plants and soil.

Conserving Water:

An important part of our environmental sustainability is using water efficiently. We use modern irrigation systems that minimize water consumption while providing optimal conditions for cherry growth.

Soil Restoration:

We actively work to restore soil fertility using organic waste recycling and soil care practices. This helps maintain healthy soil needed for quality plant growth.

Conservation of natural resources:

We care about the conservation of natural resources such as energy and electricity. We install efficient equipment and use alternative energy sources to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Local Community:

We support the local community by providing jobs and promoting rural development. This helps maintain our region's environmental sustainability and promotes social responsibility.

Local Community:

Overall, environmental sustainability is an integral part of our farm and we strive to make the maximum contribution to conservation and caring for the environment.


Cherry varieties

At Sweet Cherry Farm, we pride ourselves on the variety of cherries we grow to suit our customers' varied taste preferences. Our range includes several seasonal varieties, each of which has its own unique characteristics and taste. Let's take a look at some of our seasonal cherry varieties:

Sumberst: has small fruits and an incredibly sweet taste. They are great for preparing for the winter and creating delicious compotes.

Bing: Known for large, juicy cherries with a rich flavor and deep red color. They are ideal for fresh consumption, as well as for making desserts and pies.


Early Shpanka:

It is distinguished by large and juicy fruits that have a sweet and delicate taste. This is an ideal choice for those who are looking forward to the start of the cherry season.


Belle di Germignano:

This variety is characterized by medium-sized fruits and a moderately sweet taste. It is great for making cherry desserts and canning. Has a dark berry color.



A variety of cherries with large and crisp fruits that have an intense cherry flavor. They are ideal for fresh consumption and making homemade cherry jams.

Plum Wine

We not only grow delicious and juicy cherries, but also use them to create our unique liqueurs. Cherry liqueurs are aromatic and tasty drinks that reflect all the rich taste and aroma of this wonderful berry.

Our cherry liqueurs are created using only the freshest and highest quality berries, which gives them a rich taste and aroma. They make a great gift or addition to your special event. Each bottle of our liqueurs contains the real atmosphere of a summer berry farm.

Cherry Brandy: Cherry brandy is a sophisticated drink with a rich cherry flavor and a long aftertaste. It's great for enjoying in the evening with friends or as an accompaniment to desserts.


Cherry liqueur: Our classic cherry liqueur is made using ripe, high-quality cherries, which enrich the drink with juicy cherry flavor. This is a great choice for enjoying pure cherry flavor.


Cherry Vodka: We create cherry vodka by combining the taste of cherries with quality vodka. The result is a harmonious combination of sweet cherries and tartness of vodka.


Cherry Liqueur: Our Cherry Liqueur is a sweet and aromatic drink with a rich cherry flavor. It is perfect for making cocktails and desserts, as well as for drinking neat.


We are pleased to provide the service of delivering our fresh cherries directly to you. Our goal is to make the process of obtaining our cherries as convenient and enjoyable as possible for you.

We offer a variety of shipping options to suit your needs. You can choose a convenient delivery time and method that suits your schedule.




Sweet Cherry Farm is where I always buy cherries for my homemade jams and pies. The cherries are always fresh and flavorful, and the prices are very reasonable. Thanks for your delicious products!


I have been buying cherries from Sweet Cherry Farm for several years now and they have never let me down. The cherries are always large, ripe and sweet. This is the place to find real quality!


Cherries from the farm are a real tasty treat. I always order large quantities from them to prepare for the winter, and the result always exceeds my expectations. Thanks for your careful work!

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